Bard Me

I threw together this Heroku app a couple years ago when I was exploring how setting up and deploying a basic app on heroku worked. Given that this is nothing more than a handful of php files I should probably drop everything into a plugin and re-host on a (this?) WordPress blog, but until then, here we are. It made for a fun afternoon, and I can claim I learned something, I suppose.

In September we started a new D&D game, and I sent the link to my friend who started playing a bard. Doubling my user base from self to self + 1 was a pretty exciting moment.

On my //TODO:  list: rebuild in Javascript since I hear that’s what I’m supposed to be learning deeply these days.

I re-used the tool to build a different generator off the same skeleton when I started running my Curse of Strahd D&D game, and needed to come up with appropriate NPC names on the fly.

I’ve yet to get any pull requests, but the repo is open and waiting on GitHub.