This Week’s Brio Build II

Most of our table builds start from wanting to use a specific piece then shaping layout around that. This week it was the collapsing bridge at the center (333911).

The elevated metro station and its green ramps often end up in our layouts, especially as the 90 degree riser is an economical use of space on the small table.

Down on the red bench waiting for Thomas, Annie, and Claribel is a figure from Hape’s “Busy City” we’ve affectionately named Working Mom, as she takes the train to work “just like Mommy.” Working Mom is usually at one station or another of any of our table builds.

Of course, much of our dramatis personae on the tracks is Thomas and Friends, as that is what we’re mostly into these days. Nia and Hiro are favorites, although we can never have too many cranes on the table, either.

Other pieces featured (with my best guess on identifying):

  1. The 2013+ version. ↩︎

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