Beginner’s Tournament II: Match 3 vs DoomsBeard

Split wins as white, both solid games, both of us lost to missed threats. Also the first game I got to watch back with full commentary which is always a blessing and a curse— there is plenty to learn from the commentary on a game, plenty painful to hear all the thoughts you could have had without the pressure of clock and tunnel vision being in the middle of a game brings.

Game 1

Game 2

A bit harder to step through in the embedded view, but this one has a few more branches explored if we had been better about catching the threats we missed.

Commentary from Nitzel & Ineria

Ineria intended to capture from the beginning, but due to technical difficulties, they picked up on Nitzel’s stream about halfway through the first game. You can watch the whole video from Twitch. Always lovely to hear the commentator’s confused voices with such classics as “Why did he do that?” and “How do I pronounce pwhaug?”.