Beginner’s Tournament II: Match 5 vs KorokBean

Once again getting to posting/reviewing these games later than I’d like so, the notes are sparse. My last game of the round-robin games, leaving me at three match wins and two draws, or 8/10 games. With that, I have a chance of moving forward to the next round, but that depends on the outcome of Doomsbeard‘s games— He could take the group if he wins all four remaining games, or we could be tied (which would go to a blitz runoff) if he draws either match.

Game 1

Don’t have a whole lot to say about this one. I had a fun Tinüe at the end, although didn’t quite play it out, it was getting there. With some slight variation, it looks like I had possible wins a little faster, but took the slightly longer approach to Tinüe.

Game 2

A “Knight” opening served me well, although I worried about taking my cap out of play by spreading it to the edge in that early play, I eventually got it back in the middle after a scenic trip around the board.